L.E.D - Local Economic Development

L.E.D contest

In 2013, the Weitz Center awarded $1000 for the best project clip. The prize was a contribution of the Weitz Family Foundation. The prize was awarded to the clip showcasing the experience shared that was voted most valuable and relevant to development issues.

Clips uploaded till the 29th of July 2013 at 24:00 were considered for the award.

The prize was awarded to the person uploading the clip, not to an institution or organization. 

Jury's deliberations and final decision:

Weitz Center's jury was very much impressed by the three projects which were most viewed. They all tackled issues that are at the core of development nowadays.

We decided to award the prize to Ms. Claudia Gonzales from Paraguay for her clip entitled "Energy Efficiency and Saving". The clip was viewed 844 times between February to July 2013.
We strongly believe that Claudia's clip is relevant to today's development challenges; it is descriptive and informative; and it provides valuable lessons learnt for people involved in the field of sustainable development.

First of all, the topic of the clip relates to climate change and energy efficiency. We believe that the integration of environmental issue in development is crucial.
Claudia shared a valuable experience in a Paraguayan community which is widely applicable and replicable.
By showing us the obstacles and difficulties met during the project, she pinpointed one of the main challenges of development work which is acknowledging the culture difference between donors, project managers and beneficiaries. This statement can be disseminated across sectors.
Claudia described the economic benefits of energy savings at domestic and community levels, and in terms of energy efficiency as well as economic efficiency.
We very much appreciate that this work is the product of a university study conducted by students, and therefore, it did not require substantial resources to obtain results.

These are the values we promote and transmit at the Weitz Center. We are proud to award the prize, generously donated by Raanan Weitz Family Foundation, to Ms. Claudia Gonzales from Paraguay.

Adi Dishon, Managing Director of the Weitz Center reads the announcement. 

Claudia Gonzales, the winner, gives her acceptance speech.