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Annie Baisie : Save, Reduce and Re use Plastic Bottles Project

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Group Members: Tchilalou Awesso (Togo), Gu Lanying (China), Mariette Ebong Enone (Cameroon), Koffitsè Djidoula Besseh (Togo), Gaukhar Teltayeva (Kazakhstan), Festo Ntibalizi (Tanzania). In Ghana, it has been a common phenomenon to find many beverages being packaged in plastic bottles. In the recent past, the nation was hit with a serious water shortage problem which led to a lot of private investors venturing into the production of mineral water. The main material used in the packaging of water in the country has been plastic; either in bottles or in sachets. As common as sachet water or bottled water is in society, so far, no sustainable measure has been taken to deal with the waste that is produced in order that the environment is not affected by the material that is used to package the commodity. The “Save Reduce and Re-use Plastic Bottles Project” therefore is mainly aimed at making cities livable and environmentally self-sustaining by reducing the introduction of new plastic bottles into the environment as well as preventing them from being disposed off indiscriminately, thereby contributing to the efforts of cities becoming more resilient to the effects of climate change. It is also intended to inculcate a high sense of environmental protection among people in society, to foster environmental sustainability.

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