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Julius Tanui: Agro-forestry Development for Income & Employment

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Group Members: Natalia Burgos MarĂ­n (Colombia), Selina Okaebea (Ghana), Ezra Ontiri (Kenya), Thao Le Thi Thanh (Viet Nam). The project aims at reversing the degraded state of the Nandi Forest, while at the same time providing meaningful incentives for the forest-adjacent communities to conserve the forests. Forests act as carbon sinks that sequester carbon from the atmosphere hence the project qualifies as a clean technology project. The project shall endeavor to create/strengthen alternative livelihoods for the community including fish farming and strengthening of agro-forestry practices. While at the same time implement a payment for ecosystem services (PES) mechanism where the community shall benefit from the forest resources through initiatives such as bee keeping, agriculture, fish ponds.

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