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Daniel Morse: Greenbox-Solutions to Waste and Energy Constraints

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Group Members: Jun Ren (China), Lena Radusinovic (Montenegro), Tetyana Tatarchuk (Ukraine), Ievgen Radchenko (Ukraine). Water pollution and climate changes are becoming one of the most dangerous threats to environmental sustainability, as they having direct and significant impacts on water availability and quality by altering precipitation patterns, increasing the intensity of extreme events, raising water temperatures, and accelerating the melting of snow and glaciers. This project is the introduction of a completely innovative solution to water treatment, energy and communications which will provide farmers and individuals in remote areas a “power house” to reduce migration due to resource scarcity, improve health through access to potable water, provide heating/cooling for extreme conditions, biogas for cooking and GPS. The “green box” is an energy integration unit that combines solar, biomass, wind and fuel cell stacks with the purpose of providing means for sustenance.

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