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Emmanuel Banya Natal: Waste Recycling for Local Economic Empowerment

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Group members: Andrew Musoke (Uganda), Sady María del Carmen Cáceres de Flores (Paraguay), Stella Ngeleh Kamnchu Epse Nkecho (Cameroon). Waste management in developing countries such as Uganda still remains one of the largest challenges that public administrations face because of the increasing quantities of different materials streams, which become more and more complex and diverse as demographic and economic growth increase. The need to confront this problem is not met with sufficient financial, technical, and human resources. This is also the case in Hoima Municipal Council, Kahoora Division, where this project is planned. The Solid Waste Management project aims at composting, recycling, and reuse of degradable waste into organic fertilizers for agricultural production. The long term objective is thus to reduce the environmental degradation caused by solid waste while at the same time improving household incomes and nutrition levels. The project will focus on essential aspects of life in society, environmental sanitation, cleanliness, productivity and income enhancement as its core.

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Nils Candia

Posted: Nov 22, 2016

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