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Costa Kalanda: Tackling Conflict with Economic Empowerment

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Group members: Andrew Loreng'e (Kenya), Angela Olarte (Colombia), Raphael Ngoma (Kenya). As a natural resource-based economy, the livelihoods of individuals and communities in Kenya depend directly on access to natural resources. As individuals and communities endeavor to secure their rights of access to the natural resources, the ensuing competition borne out of the imbalance between supply and demand leads to conflict. Samburu County in northern Kenya is among the poorest in the country with 73 percent of its population living below the poverty line. Increasing and severe inter-ethnic armed conflicts have been occurring in northern Kenya and in particular Samburu District. The main objective of this project is the promotion of livelihood strategies to tackle resourced based conflict among the youth in El-Warba Ward of Samburu County.

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