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Momodou Sambou: Solar Powered Ditch Irrigation project - Gambia

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Gambia is a small country in West Africa. It is surrounded by Senegal on the three sides and the Atlantic Ocean. The total population is 1.9 million which 85% of the population are engage in Agriculture, yet the farming system is one season only which lasts 3 months. The most stable food in the Gambia is rice. About 200,000 tones are consumed yearly while only 57,000 are produced locally. The lack of the rainwater during the year leads to food insecurity in the Gambia. To address this problem, we have started to develop the solar perfective project, which aims to promote sustainable use of natural resources through a reliable, cost-effective and quickly scalable energy solutions. The project focuses on building an innovative and effective solar energy powered Ditch Irrigation method, where plants are watered by placing canals or furrows in between the rows of plants with siphon tubes that are used to move water from the main ditch to the canals. Prepared by: Momodou Sambou of Gambia, Wale Getaneh of Ethopia, Angela Sewe of Kenya, Gordana Yojcom Cuellar of Macedonia, and Grethel Andrea Yojcom of Guatemala.

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