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Ana Cecilia Arbelaez Arboleda : Monitoring industrial wastewater online-Colombia

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Vision: Sustainably clean water of the Medellin river basin according to the standards of Environmental Ministry Mission: Ensuring clean water of the Medellin river basin by developing a comprehensive system of controlling and monitoring an industrial wastewater effluence The Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley, is an administrative entity, governed by Laws 99 of 1993 and 1625 of 2013, created with the commitment to consolidate the progress and the harmonious development of the great Metropolitan Region, with planning functions, environmental authority and mass and metropolitan transportation. Currently, it has the Metrópoli Project 2008 - 2020, which frames the direction of the organization and the orientation towards the consolidation of the defined strategies, such as the Metropolitan Comprehensive Development Plan. Corresponds to the Metropolitan Area "Leading the sustainable development of the Aburrá Valley through the articulation of the metropolitan society and its environment" The Metropolitan Area as urban environmental authority, has the function of monitoring, controlling and managing natural resources in the jurisdiction of the ten (10) municipalities that comprise it; within the Subprocess of Control and Environmental Monitoring regulates in urban area the water resources attending the requests for permits for using and monitoring also. Objectives: 1. To develop an efficient (in terms of accuracy, cost, user-friendliness, and maintenance) system of on-line monitoring of industrial wastewater effluence by 2020; 2. To ensure a continuous reliable online monitoring of a wastewater effluence from 7000 industries at the Medellin river basin by 2025;

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