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Tamara Marovic : VRANJINA VILLAGE – Touristic spotlight of Skadar L

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As migrations from rural to urban areas are a global trend and a great challenge for local development and economy, it is of great importance for Montenegro to find a model to keep people in rural areas and develop a strategy for rural development. More than 20% of land in Montenegro is an agricultural land, and Montenegro is mostly a rural country, considering the percentage of urban areas. Yet, very few people live in rural areas. In this project we’ve been analyzing location, opportunities and threats, and developing strategies for the development of the fishing village - Vranjina (currently 210 inhabitants on 4.6 square meters), as a case study for Montenegro. We want to: 1) Encourage the culture and heritage of Vranjina by reviving the sense of community, family, cultural, national and natural heritage. 2) Rehabilitate the village by building its economy - opening new job opportunities, strengthening local economy, increasing the hotel/b&b industry. 3) Revitalize and improve the existing infrastructure - closed school, playground, existing restaurant, parking, water management, pedestrian area… 4) To brand and promote the place - Live it UP! This we can make work if we use a strategies for participatory planning, work with all stakeholders, give an opportunity to PPPs and collaborate with the Government and Municipality. Our goal is to create a sustainable, eco-friendly village, to increase a population by 15% each year and to have at least 2% of all tourist that come to Montenegro visiting Vranjina by the year of 2026. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact me, I’ll be happy to respond

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