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Laura Chavarría Zúñiga: community managed water systems (CMW)

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In Costa Rica, we have community based water management systems. A group of neighbors democratically elected, manage the water system with support of the government and the biggest utility company in Costa Rica. Many of the community manage systems have financial and technical instability that directly affects the consumer and decreases the economic growth of the region due to lack of water infrastructure that prevents further development. Lack of training and technical knowledge does not allows the community managed water systems (CMW) to grow and provide a steady and quality service to the subscribers. Our Vision: Sustainable water management in the communities of Costa Rica. Our Mission: Strengthening the capacities of CMW members for effective management of CMWs. Our Objectives: To increase technical, financial, environmental and social knowledge of 100% CMW’s members of systems intervened, To achieve improvement in all areas of the program for 100% of the CMW´s , To improve sustainability and efficiency of the CMW in at least 80% according to CMW base line at the beginning of the program.

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