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Evis Gjebrea: Tirana smart metering project

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Problem Identification: High Non-Revenue Water of 64 % of which Commercial Losses 50%. Factors driving to the high level of non-revenue water are the following: Customer meter inaccuracies, Data transfer errors, unauthorized consumption (Illegal connections, meter bypassing, and water meter tampering, dishonest actions by meter readings), and Data analysis errors. Vision: 24/7 water supply for Tirana city in 5 years. Mission: Improving the overall performance of TWWU in a cost efficient and sustainable manner. Objectives are to achieve the vision objectives are the following: Objective 1: Reduce NRW by 20% for the period 2019-2021. Objective 2: Increase billing efficiency. Objective 3: Improve customer database. Reducing overall NRW by 20% during 2019-2021 is priority by the Government.

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