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Subash Karki: Reduction of Plastic Consumables - Nepal

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Environmentally, Kathmandu is a developing city with a growing population that has just recently migrated from rural areas, which has led to the negligence of the environment. The city is growing in an unplanned manner and a boom in the housing market and transport market has led to high levels of pollution. Industrial pollution is thankfully at a lower level than many other similar cities, due to Nepal’s low industrial growth, which is nonetheless changing. Waste management is another issue and most waste is either organic or consumer grade plastics. The approach is to tackle plastic consumption through the most widespread use of plastic product, which is the plastic bag (polybag). Producing a good alternative to plastic bags. The reason for the popularity of plastic bags are simple, it is very cheap to buy, most of the times given for free by suppliers (with costs hidden in goods that are sold) and easy to handle due to its design and durability. The solution is to end the demand and supply of plastic bags by providing an alternative, which is environmentally friendly, uses low carbon footprint to produce, same price or cheaper than existing plastic bags, from locally sourced environmentally materials and which provides the same consumer satisfaction as a plastic bag.

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