L.E.D - Local Economic Development

Frequently Asked Questions


The video should be about 5 minutes long. It should not be over detailed, a tourist promotion of any kind or more than 7 minutes long. You should introduce your project and provide information about project objectives, activities, timeframes, human and financial resources.


Follow the instructions and the next video clip.


Only your name, country and project name will be published online.


We need them in order to connect you with the ones that want to contact you. Those people will not have access to your personal details at any time because the connection is discreet and being proccesed through our system.


Yes. In order to do that, use the "Attach links to your clip" and "Attach Presentations to your clip" fields at the bottom of the upload clip page.


You can read about us in our about us page.


You can read about us in our contact us page.