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Rodrigo Corrales-Mejias: Managing Innovation: Revitalization Through Ecotou

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Mission: to use capacity building as a source for innovation, collaboration, and diversification of productive activities in rural areas of Bijagua, Costa Rica in order to dynamize local economies. This project aims to work through the building of skills, competences, and capabilities to create a linkage between rural entrepreneurs and the opportunities they are not able to manage by themselves, with a special attention given to the agro-ecotourism sector. Team: Rodrigo Corrales-Mejias (Costa Rica), Edgar Prieto Corredor (Colombia), Godswill Aguiyi (Nigeria), Lorato Oremeng (Botswana), Lara Colombo (Argentina)

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Karina Fustamante Olivera

Eco-business model in “Tres Islas” Native Comm.
Agregado: Jul 11, 2016

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