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Adi Dishon, Managing Director

How to upload your clip using YouTube

A quick guide for uploading your video


We invite you to upload a video clip in which you detail a real project proposal or case study.

What the video should be like:

  • The video should be about 5 minutes long.    
  • You can use a simple webcam or a small camera to do it, as long as the image and sound are clear.    
  • Follow the guiding questions (written below) and try to go through all the sections.
  • You can attach a PowerPoint or any other material to support your presentation, we need however to see yourself speaking also.
  • it should not be over detailed, a tourist promotion of any kind or more than 7 minutes long.


Guiding Questions:

  • Introduce your project (Title, main goal, sector, location and target population)
  • What are/were the project objectives?
  • What activities and time-frames form/ed part of the project?
  • Which resources will you/did you mobilize to carry out your project? (Human resources, funding, infrastructure, partnerships)
  • What were the difficulties? What was unexpected?
  • What were the keys to success?
  • What is the situation today? Which mechanisms ensured sustainability of the project?



  • Log in into Youtube. If you don't have an account, create one by clicking on "Create account" on the upper right corner.
  • Click on "Upload".
  • Click on "Select a file" and select the video file from your computer.
  • While the video is uploading, in the privacy settings, select "Unlisted".
  • For the name of the video, please enter the name of your project.
  • In the tag words enter the following: name of the continent, name of the country, name of the project and one of categories.
  • When the file is uploaded, copy the link that appears next to the message "your video will be live at:" and paste it in the clip URL box in the form below.
  • Fill out the other fields in the form below and press upload video.

Only your name, job title and project details will be published on the website. The other details will be kept confidential.

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